CERYN ✦ founder ✦

 To define, is to limit ♾️

I don't attach to any worldly labels, but my human vessel goes by Ceryn 😊 

I started diving into major healing and shadow work after my awakening, to de-program from all of the illusions of my mind conditioned by a false way of being in the matrix. I discovered the Law of Vibration and the importance of rewiring my subconscious mind to escape the unconscious patterns that use to take over my life. This began with a lot of affirmations and writing in a gratitude journal every morning.

Then I started to realize that our emotions and feelings lead to our state of mind and thoughts. Our subconscious mind is always listening to the emotions and sensations in our bodies, and each sensation will bring up a thought or belief that we have been conditioned to attach to that sensation.

Therefore I wanted to create a beautiful pen that will invoke higher frequency emotions to inspire the writer to set their intentions mindfully when writing. Emotions are energy in motion, and energy is everything — it is the underlying force of creation, and in very esoteric terms will align us to that timeline of the same frequency through the electromagnetic field. This is the path to manifesting our dreams, by being in the end feeling in the present moment of what we desire.

My motto for Spell Pens is Words Are Spells. The words we tell ourselves are potent incantations that have the ability to shift our reality when we wholeheartedly believe in them.

My hope is for Spell Pens to empower us to be mindful and intentional with the words we use, both with ourselves and our loved ones. By embracing these pens as tools for self-expression and manifestation, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. With a Spell Pen in hand, we can learn to rewrite the story of our lives, infusing it with love, abundance, and the magic of intentional language. 


✦ manifestation wizard ✦


Hello! I am the living vibratory sound complex known as Nico!
It is a blessing and honor to serve The Creator as Spell Pens' primary manifestation consultant. It is my life's mission to raise the awareness of the world to the Divine, Creative Spark that lives within each and every person; The Real, Living MAGIC that is The Spirit of The One Creator.

Over many days and nights of wonder and bewilderment, The Spirit within has carefully guided me to my position at Spell Pens. I am here to share the insight given to me by Spirit on how to develop what's known as The Magical Personality, and ultimately, how to create and cast magical spells for the global manifestation of Heaven on Earth by acting as a conduit for The Living Word.

Throughout your life, you may have heard an inner energy speaking, comforting, and guiding throughout you throughout your life. This inner "I" is indeed you, but it goes far, far, deeper than that. This inner, Intelligent Energy, has gone by many, many names, but it's loving, caring, and comforting presence is simply unmistakable. It is commonly referred to as The Spirit. It is The Living Word of The Creator that speaks to us from deep within our hearts. 

Spirit has shown me how we communicate with The Spirit within us all the time, even when we're not aware of it. As we go about our daily lives and daily conversations with our loved ones, the inner motion of The Spirit guides our every thought and deed. I seek to share the divine insight I've received in moments of quiet contemplation, meditation, and prayer with The Spirit within me.

Upon Planet Earth at this time, there is an uprising alliance of millions of Light Workers working diligently to bring about Heaven on Earth. My vision for the world is the global awakening to the collective consciousness known as Pure, Unconditional Love, The Logos that guides each every one of us to our awakening to Our Divine Nature as instruments of The Living Word.

Spell Pens will be hosting weekly meetups in which we can meet to discuss the magic of words / mindful journaling and developing the magical personality.