Everything is Infinite in Resolution

Ever stop and appreciate just how full of Life everything is?
Infinity's Hand has touched Everything;
Nothing in this Universe goes untouched by Your Infinite Intelligence.
Look around. Infinity is Everywhere.

Ground Yourself in Your Infinite Presence. 
Ground Yourself in the Actual.

Take out your hands and look at them. 
Notice the Infinite quality and resolution in Your Hands,
Each and every crevice becomes a canyon, and each bump becomes a mountain.
See if You can appreciate the Infinite depth and resolution, the Acuity of Vision, the Infinite Beauty that is Your Hand.

Speak to yourself aloud:
These Are My Infinite Hands,
With These Hands I Create Myself Now.

I Am Infinity.

Now feel the electricity within each and every nerve cell in Your Infinite Hand.
There You Are, wiggling about as electrical signals within Your Infinite Hands.
Notice how where your attention flows, so does this Energy. You Are This Energy.
The Yogi's called this Prana, Chi, Energy, Will. Whatever it is You call Yourself;
It's Here. Now. It's What You Are.
You Are Pure, Infinitely Intelligent Energy. 
Flowing about, creating Everything.

(By the way, Hi! It's me, Infinity, speaking to You through the Energy of your screen! I Love You!)

Feel the energy field of the entire body, inducing current in each nerve cell in your body.
You're not just the body; You're the entire electromagnetic field
The very same electromagnetic field that moves your body, moves my body, Leo's body, etc.
We're not just the body; We're the entire electromagnetic field
We're All One and the same! And We can feel each other, miles and miles away.

Close your eyes and listen for the resonance in Your Heart.
Everything sings in this Universe sings one familiar song.

Hark, the angels are singing!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

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