Hello there!  Thank you for visiting my shop and showing interest in a product that came from a tiny spark of imagination to an actual reality for me now after years of designing, perfecting and dreaming.

In 2017, I attended the Route 91 concert where the Las Vegas shooting happened. I tragically lost my friend. 

We had traveled to Vegas together, just me and her, because of our shared passion for country music.

I realized the heavy and profound energies I felt that entire weekend of the concert actually protected me from going to the concert that last tragic night of the 3-day event. I felt a divine presence continuously push me away from that night -- the entire weekend it didn't stop until I was home safe.

This event changed everything I thought I knew about life and about myself. I realized everything I thought I knew was false, programmed into me by the construct of an artificial system since birth. I started to shift my thoughts and beliefs.

It threw me down a crazy journey of self-discovery and truth seeking beyond the common narrative that still has not ended. And it never will. I searched endlessly for answers on why my friend was gone. 

But why did it save me?


route 91 harvest festival memorial


I started digging everyday for the next few years to find answers and connect with whatever that was out there that saved me -- you can call it the universe, angels, energy, God, etc. I still don't know. All I know is that the acceptance of not knowing helped me expand my consciousness and awareness about myself, to continue as a student of the vast unknown of the universe. 

I will never forget the instant awakening that shifted my beliefs and perception on everything, and realized how EVERYTHING is energy.

I woke up to understanding how unconscious and low vibrational I was living my life previous to the incident. My mind use to be full of toxic, racing thoughts that I wasn't aware that I could detach from. My external reality use to mirror my exact inner thoughts and mental activity -- full of chaos, negativity and low vibrational circumstances.

I was very unaware of myself and about the existence of mindful practices and how we are the creator of our own realities, of our inner worlds, starting with our thoughts and the words that we tell ourselves. 

I had to start unlearning all of my past programming, self limiting thoughts and stories that I had constructed my life upon.


I started experiencing more abundance, peace, joy, and miracles in my life, when I started believing in and connecting with these energies through mindful empowered beliefs and even the actual silence of thought. 

The idea for this pen came to me like a download from the universe one day when I was journaling. I realized when I started to surrender to the universe, quieted my mind to listen to my higher self and intuition, answers started coming in.

I was inspired to create a pen that would be a conduit for higher consciousness and empowering thoughts, and remind myself to infuse high vibrational emotions into my writing.

Our thoughts become our realities, because our thoughts create our feelings, and in turn our feelings drive what type of actions we take that shape our lives.

Actions + High Vibrational Emotions/Thoughts = Manifest/Results


Therefore my aspiration and goal is to help others ascend and transform in thought to experience more miracles, freedom and abundance, by spreading this message through each Spell Pen that gets sent out and shared.

Each pen will inspire you to be aware of your thoughts and words that will in turn influence your emotions. Be in the high vibrational frequency that you want to feel as if you have already attained your goal, in order to attract what you desire.

Remember, emotions are energies in motion. Energy attracts the same frequency of energy. Therefore be and feel the high vibrational emotions of that of what you want to manifest your goals

Everything we envision and dream for ourselves starts with the thoughts and words we choose to allow into our minds. 

 Words Are Spells.

Lets spread this message out to the entire universe together!


Thank you,