How Healing Works

It is important to remember throughout the day...

The body is mind.  
There is no body without mind.  Therefore, there is no illness without thought.  

Our thoughts and feelings are deeply intertwined with our bodily systems; in fact, they are identical.  

When You balance the mind, You balance the body. 

Notice how thoughts of fear or worry about the past or future leave an energetic signature in the body, in the muscles. Thoughts, when left unchecked, cause the natural breathing signal coming from the heart and spinal cord be overwhelmed and distorted, leading to shorter breaths and discomfort.  

The pain signal *is* the healing signal.  

If You ignore the pain signal, You ignore the data and communication needed to properly heal the body.   

The feeling of discomfort *is* the feeling of comfort.

If you ignore your feelings, you'll never figure out why you still feel so anxious or depressed, because those feelings themselves are the attempt at healing them. If you resist this feeling, they persist until they are fully understood.  

Pain is the healing signal. Discomfort is the healing signal.

Cease to resist your own signaling, and your pain will heal you. This is the very function of discomfort: healing.  

The more aware You become of the body and the breath in the homeostasis of meditation, the faster you heal. 🙏   

This is one of the most useful techniques I learned after reading the Law of One in meditation.  

We heal by opening the heart to Intelligent Infinity.  

We heal by Faith.  
We heal by Becoming ♾.  

Ever noticed how good it feels to be at complete peace of mind?

In heightened states of consciousness, you realize that sensations of discomfort are just another thought, simply appearing like a cloud in the sky of the mind.

❤ the thought.
❤ the pain. 
❤ the discomfort.
❤ the silence.  


When You meditate, You naturally breathe deeply, and Your blood is alkalized by the oxygen in the air. Perfect Health is found in the balance between alkaline/acidic, yin/yang, Love/Light. Balance the mind, and you balance the body, because the body is created by the mind.  

Perfect Peace of Mind = Perfect Health  

Prana. Pneuma.  

The Breath is Life.  
The Breath is Sacred.  
The Breath is Pure Magic.  
The Breath is Intelligent Energy.  

Feel The Breath moving into every cell of your body.  
Feel The Breath healing you throughout the day.

The key is presence.

The key is silence.

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