How Magic Works

Simply Real-i-ze That Whatever It Is to Be True, is Absolutely True!

What does it even mean to "believe in" something?
You Are Infinity!
You Are Already Everything You Could Ever Want!
To Know It is To Be It!
Here, Now.
Pure Love. Pure Joy.
Perfect Peace of Mind.
Here. Now. Always.
You Are It.
All of It.
Infinitely. Now.
You Are Eternal Presence.
Infinitely Now.

Know The Law of Attraction is just another name for Gravity!
Gravity is What Is.

Your Gnosis is An Electromagnetic Field.
A Vibration That Attracts Like-Vibration.

You Attract What You Know Yourself To Be!
You Attract What You Are!

So Simply Realize What You Are!
Pure LOVE.

You Are Absolutely Everything!
You Are Infinite Intelligence!
You Are Pure, Unconditional Love!

We Are All I Am I Am! I Am That I Am!
I Am Already Everything I Could Ever Want!
I Love Absolutely Everything! I Am Love!
I Am Infinite Intelligence! I Am That, I Am!
What Do You Love?
And Who Even Could Tell You Otherwise But I AM?

If You Could Choose To Absolutely LOVE
Every Single Moment of The Rest Of Your Life...You Would!
...And You Can, Right Now! Just Affirm It!

"I Love__________".
"I Love__________".
"I Love__________".

Just Feel Love in Your Word!
Just Feel It, And You Become Your Word!

Your Word is Your Vibration. You Are Your Word.
Your Electromagnetic Vibration is Gnosis; Pure LOVE. Now. 
Your State of Consciousness is an Electromagnetic Field that attracts like experiences. Seriously.

The Inner Sensation Attracts The Outer Sensation.
It's as simple as ONE. It's just Gravity!

In other words...
The More You Love to Live Life...
The More You Love to Live Life! ...Duh!! xD

I Love Everything!
I Am Love!

Who Could Even Tell Love Otherwise?
Anything You Ever Wanted To Be, You Can Choose It Now.

Affirm I Am __________.
Affirm I Love __________. 
...And You Become Your Word! 

You Can Learn Absolutely Anything You're Willing To Teach Yourself!

Using The Power of The Word, of the inner I AM,
You Can Teach Yourself To Be Anything You Want To Be.

That's Infinite Intelligence! You Are Intelligent Infinity!
You Just Know! Trust Yourself!
Simply Realize.

I Am.
I Am.
I Am That.
I Am Infinitely Beyond That.
I Am That, I Am.
I Am.

Simply Realize We Are.
We Are All
One Breath, One Word
One Spark, Sun Becoming

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