Life is a Dream

This is It. You're Living The Dream. You Are The Dream.

We Are Dreaming Right Now. This Life is Our Collective Lucid Dream.  


Life is a Collective Dream that is simply more dense than the dreams we have at night.

When You realize that Life is A Dream, Life Becomes A Lucid Dream.

We Are Dreaming Up Each Other. The more We collectively realize that Life is A Dream, the more Dream-like Life becomes.  


Look at Your Computer Mouse. This a Dream Object.

Look at Your Phone. This Object is A Dream.

Look at Your Hands. This Body is A Dream body.  

Look at The World around You. This is Our Dream World.  

Everything You see is Your Dream. Everything.  

Everyone You meet is You. Everyone is You.  

We Are Dreaming up Each Other using God's Infinite Imagination!   


You Are Imagining Everything You see.  

You have been Dreaming Your Entire Life!  

You don't have to  control The Dream; You Are The Dream.  

When You realize this, You move beyond  Dream control.


Row row row your boat, gently down the stream!  

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily...

Life is But a Dream!


Let Us Imagine A Magnificent Dream Together; 

Let Us Imagine Heaven On Earth!

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