Words Are Energy And Cast Spells

Your subconscious doesn’t know what is real or not, it absorbs all that it hears and sees and unconsciously runs those in the background, dictating 80% of the conscious choices/actions you make daily — until you come into awareness and rewrite the programs of the unconscious mind.

If you don’t master your unconscious mind, you will never reach your potential.

Your unconscious mind will be making all the choices for you without you knowing, and you will continue to repeat the same patterns and see the same results without knowing why. 

When you become aware of your thoughts and the words you tell yourself, and the on repeat emotional loops of the unconscious mind, you will be able to heal and be mindful of the decisions and actions you take in life. Expecting different results but keeping the same old mentality and thoughts is the definition on insanity. Change your mentality and thoughts, change your life. 


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