words are spells

Not just certain words or phrases.

All Of Them.

Every book you've ever read is a book of spells, ideas, and opinions that you internalized subconsciously. The power of The Word and the spells we cast using The Word is not fully understood, but if we can come to acknowledge our own power, we can begin to use The Word for good.

We cast spells on one another unconsciously all the time by sharing our opinions and perceptions so flippantly, and because we believe what people say to us, especially if they are our family, we end up internalizing them.

Even more, we cast spells on ourselves, judging ourselves for being who we are or who we're pretending to be.

The question is, which spells do we want to be casting on ourselves and those we Love?

One of the activities my school gave me to teach my students is called:

I Am Positive!
I Am Beautiful!
I Am Intelligent!
I Am Confident!
I Am Peaceful.

Once they finish creating their own affirmations and decorating them, we suggest taping it to their mirror so they see themselves in a positive Light each and every morning!

This is the kind of thing that gets kids to awaken to their true potential! But if you are constantly judging and working against yourself, you might want to look into why you do this. Be kind to yourself. 💖



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