We handcraft each pen by first filtering through the piles of crystals to select only the best looking and perfect crystals for your pen. 


We then glue the magnets into the pen tip and the pen cap. 


After we fill the pen with liquid and crystals, we let the pen air out all the air bubbles. Due to the natural properties of the crystals, air bubbles gradually rise up from the holes and crevices over time. This process alone will take hours to more than a day until we can eliminate as many air pockets and bubbles as we can. 


When as much as of the air bubbles are aired out, we seal the pen with the plug with underwater glue.

The glue needs to cure for at least 24 hours once the plug is glued in, so we wait. 




After the first round of glue to seal the plug into the tube is dried, we use a second round of epoxy glue to seal the perimeter of the plug to eliminate any micro holes that could leak. 


We let this second round of glue dry for at least another day. 




After we glue all the parts, we then piece together the other parts to complete the pen! 


Packaged and ready to go 💝