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*PREORDER* *Limited quantities made, need at least 1 month in advance*
Each pen is custom prepared and handmade upon order! I carefully select every single healing crystal for each pen, and then hand fill and glue to make sure all parts are sealed with care. 

Each pen takes up to 2-3 days to create (with a lot of love, time and details). By pre-ordering you are securing your order now to make sure you can receive a pen made in our limited quantity batches. 

Pre-orders will need at least a month from order date to be hand made and shipped out (along with any other items in the same order).


Collect each pen in our collection!


CREATED FOR DREAMERS, HEALERS, WRITERS AND CREATORS - for those who want to dive deeper into their own minds, to find and express their inner truths.

These pens are conduits to help energies flow and channel high vibrational emotions into your goals, dreams, and visions for every day journaling and any other writing that needs a spark of inspiration. The words we tell ourselves are the most important key that shapes our lives. Our thoughts combined with the emotion and intention we set become our realities. Emotions are energies in motion. And what we focus on expands.

Therefore, the words we tell ourselves and thoughts we allow into our minds are spells that can shift our realities. 

High vibrational emotions + Intentions + Action = MANIFEST ✨


Specifications for each pen:

Length (cap on): 5.37"

Width: 0.75"

Outer Materials: Glass, Metal

Inner Materials: Crystals, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin

*Each pen in the Complete Set will include 2 extra replacement ink cartridges (3 ink cartridges total per pen). All 3 cartridges added together will be about the length of a normal 0.7 mm pen ink barrel.